Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will You Adore Me?

On a whim this Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided that we'd like to get rings for each other. Not engagement rings or wedding rings or even, "promise," rings but ones that symbolize our commitment to one another. Maybe even simpler than that, rings that symbolize our adoration for one another.

So after a wonderful brunch with friends, we trotted over to a neighborhood gift shop in search of adoration rings. My boyfriend had his mind set on a claddagh style and I had mine set on...sparkle. Naturally. Romeo's Gifts did not disappoint; he spotted "his" ring right off the bat and after some hemming and hawing and cursing my chubby fingers I found one that suits me perfectly. It's yellow quartz, which I love for the color and the local connection (there are quartz mines in New York State, right?) And even better than that, it is sparkle city. I can practically hear the bling sound effects when I look down at it.

We decided to wear them on our left-hand ring fingers. I know, I can hear half of you out there gasping, but, in my mind, the ring finger is reserved for things that say, "Hey, I'm in a relationship." Sure, it's a pretty modern attitude, and I have a feeling that my mom isn't going to like it very much, but this here ring finger belongs to my sweetie and if he wants to put something on it, that's his right. No arguments from me. :)