Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In My Next Life...Amy Adams

We're so bombarded by images of physical perfection it's hard not to be a wee bit jealous sometimes. OK, always. I'd like to kind of turn that jealousy on its head and make it a positive thing, so whenever I feel those envious pangs, I will write an, "In My Next Life..." post that will celebrate the perfection, rather than turn it into some masochistic impetus to eat a whole bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Because, I mean, isn't that how everyone deals with envy? (No? Awkward...)

In my next life, I'd like to have these breasts and this hair. You go, Amy Adams. No one will peg you as, "innocent," in this get-up. Hot!

And I'd like to put it out there that I can't go a day without reading gofugyourself.com. It's brilliant and hilarious and self-deprecating and all those good things.

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