Friday, May 28, 2010

Where'd You Get Them Jeans?

This is a little off the typical girlfriending beaten path, but looking good for your SO is a big part of the deal, so I'll veer.

I need new jeans. The problem is that I've been wearing little girls' jeans for most of my adult life. More specifically, jeans from the popular tween money sink, Delia's. But those days are coming to an end, I fear, thanks to my advancing age (are 27 year-olds even allowed to wear clothes from Delia's? No? I didn't think so) and, lately, my expanding rear end. I've always been curvy but for some reason (sigh...probably that advancing age, again) just this year my hips have decided that things aren't working out between them, and they need some time far, far apart.

My denim demands are pretty basic.

What I'm looking for:
  • A very dark wash with
  • A straight leg and
  • A mid-hitting waistline.
What I'm NOT looking for:
  • Jeans that look like they were applied using an airbrush machine.
  • Anything that will indicate to passersby that I've recently emerged from Tom Cruise's underground breeding bunker. So, no, "boyfriend," jeans.
  • A very high or very low waist. I love high-waisted pencil skirts but the high waist on jeans tends to give the crotch a diaper-like quality I'd rather avoid. And I need all my business to be contained, so none of those low cuts the kids are wearing. (and, PSSSSST! Young lady, I can see your business.)
  • Acid washes, intentional distressing, patches, embroidery, Bedazzlement, or any other adornments that will make me look like I've escaped from a home. In other words, nothing Ed Hardy touched.
Basically, I just want jeans. So I conferred with my friend Amanda on the topic and we both came to the conclusion that The Gap is a good place to start. They are decidedly more, "adult," than my usual brand, have a ton of different styles, and tend to last forever.

Anyone have any other suggestions?


  1. Gap would have been my first suggestion also. Similar in style are Eddie Bauer jeans. Now, I like EB myself because I am short and heavier, and a lot of stores have not reached the conclusion that a woman can be both; EB gets it. But I have thinner, taller friends who also just like the cut of their jeans (and pants, btw).

  2. My suggestion is that you are cute.

  3. Honestly, I find Aero to be extremely jean friendly to those of us, well, built like us. Many different cuts and rises to choose from. And very frequent BOGO sales, which make me happy, because every time I step into the mall, I hear my mom say "Never buy anything full price!" in the back of my head.....

  4. Try Express. Their jeans are great and don't fade quickly like others.

  5. Ha. I was reading along and my first thought was the Gap, too. Update us, please, when you decide.

  6. Believe it or not, Charlotte Russe has some decent jeans, particularly for us 27 year olds who's hips no longer get along. For a while their jeans were themed for cities (the Manhattan fit a curvaceous hip/butt region) and then they switched to jewels (Opal is also good for a woman with curves.)