Thursday, August 26, 2010


OK, so I'm a little bit obsessed with Say Yes to the Dress. Not so much because I have any plans to marry, but because I've been fantasizing about and sketching dresses of all kinds since I was knee-high to a flower girl. I love the fashion, love the drama of everyone throwing in her opinion on the brides' choices, and I especially love when the stylists "jack up" the girls with veils and jewelry once they've found The One. It's all very satisfying, and it makes me want to go shopping. (I'll admit that I've even gone to Kleinfeld's website and browsed. Also very satisfying. I like either art nouveau-themed dresses, or the superduper modern ones with asymmetry and pockets.)

A few nights ago I caught a new (I think) episode featuring a couple who seemed to be so ridiculously in love. When they were shown at their wedding, the bride asked the groom if she liked her dress and he said:

"As long as you're wearing it, I like it."

Um...hashtag MELT. What a beautiful thing to say to your new wife, or anyone you're in love with, for that matter. It's just such a wonderful attitude to have towards your partner. To really believe that she could be wearing a dress made of masking tape or a Slim Goodbody outfit and still look amazing.

Even if it's not entirely true, I'd suggest learning this line and pulling it out in the future. It'll probably get you a, "Yesssss."

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