Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laundry List

One of the very few things that I refuse to do for my boyfriend is...his laundry. For some reason, laundry just seems like something that should be personal and off-limits, unless you're a wife or mother. Being neither, I'll abstain, thank you.

It isn't like the idea of handling his used knickers turns me off. It doesn't exactly turn me on, but I don't have any opposition to it on sanitary grounds. We spend a significant portion of our lives within a foot of each other so there's no reason to be squeamish. If some particularly intrepid microscopic invader wants to make the trek from him to me (or vice versa) it will find a way to do so, regardless of any safeguards put in place to deter it. So my laundry aversion isn't a matter of germophobia. And it has nothing to do with not wanting to spoil him; heck, I'll go to the mall, pick out and purchase some underpants. If a seam comes loose I'll stitch it up, and if I happen to find them on the bathroom floor I'll happily scoop them up and toss them onto the dirty pile, but if you ask me to pour detergent on them and punch a few buttons, you will be heartily rebuffed.

I guess the bottom line is that I don't know why I won't do this one chore, but I won't. It's like the last holdout on the way to being a maid rather than a girlfriend and lord knows I am not a maid. I'll wear the outfit if he asks nicely (or brusquely, really,) but it won't be for doing laundry.

Is there anything you wouldn't do for your guy? What motivates that?

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