Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Odd Couples

One of my boyfriend's colleagues once made a comment about how we are a, "weird couple." When this was reported to me I was aghast. A, "weird couple?" Us? In what way? If I remember correctly he was basing this evaluation on the fact that my boyfriend eats meat while I'm a vegetarian, and I've been known to indulge in a little herbal refreshment, while he abstains. Once it was explained that way, it was a little less offensive, but still, those words stuck with me.

Now I find myself mentally identifying aspects of our relationship that make us, "weird," or, "normal." This is all admittedly very silly because, who sets the standards of normalcy for couples, anyway? I can think of some pairings that are way odder than we are and it's usually they who stand the test of time. Like, you know, that guy and his wife...or...that couple from the show. OK, so maybe I can't think of any weirder couples. Speidi, maybe. (They're positively made for each other. They'll probably go over a cliff together one day. And they seem deliriously happy, unless that's just the angel dust talking.)

It's probably more constructive to embrace your oddities as a couple, rather than trying to fix them. More than just the old adage, "opposites attract," there is a sense of balance that comes from finding someone who is, in many ways, different from you. I've always been wary of people who are searching for, in effect, an opposite (or same) gendered version of themselves. You know the type I'm talking about; the girl who has her mind set on a guy whose favorite movie is Can't Hardly Wait. She will hold out until she meets him, and she will be holding out for a long, long time. I'd rather shoot for someone who wouldn't mind watching that chick flick rather than someone who is equally thrilled and charmed when Jennifer Love Boobs finally falls for Mark from Empire Records. Speaking of which, let's watch both those movies. And afterward we can watch whatever you want, honey, even if it's (*shudder*) dorky sci-fi.

Maybe we are an odd couple, but, judging from the pictures I found by searching Google images, odd couples are pretty darn cute. Aw. I'm totally the mouse that looks stoned.

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