Thursday, April 8, 2010


If I think about it hard enough, there are all sorts of things I miss about being single: coming home to a completely dark and empty house, knowing that if the bills don't get paid it's on me and no one else, being the mistress of my own domain.

Thing is, I hardly ever think about the stuff that I miss because it's all so far outweighed by the wonderful aspects of being one half of a couple. You have an automatic date for any night of the week, don't have to face anything alone if you don't want to, and, well, regular sex sells itself. There's always someone willing to get up on the ladder and fix things (guess who...) and guys are just so much better at certain things. Like getting up on ladders. And fixing things. I on the other hand would allow a bum light bulb to remain in its socket, sad and useless, for, say, all of eternity. If it was just me, living alone, a fuse could blow in the basement and I'd shrug my shoulders, grab a candle and get on with my life.

So, for me, the pros of being attached outnumber the cons and the pros of living together are almost innumerable. I'm certainly not going to go so far as to say, "Oh, I never lived when I was single. I was just a lost soul, drifting aimlessly." No. But it was kind of dark back then, and cold, and I was spending way too much money on candles.

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